frequently asked questions

Q - what is clear brow gel?

A - clear brow gel helps to shape, style and hold brow hair of all types in place without white flaking or residue. It even holds through sweat, and sleep, without a crusty finish. Helps to create a fuller, fluffy looking brow.

Q - is the clear brow gel waterproof?

A - The clear brow gel is water - resistant, not fully waterproof. 

Q - how do I apply the product? 

A - A little goes along way. Wipe off the applicator, lightly feather through brows, gently tap your brows with your fingertip to set. Brows can be pressed to the skin for a more laminated look if desired. Wipe any excess from skin with a wet cotton swab. 

Q - what is the shelf life of the clear brow gel? 

A - 6 months opened, 18 months unopened. 

Q - do you apply brow gel before or after other brow products?

A - It can be done either way.

Q - how do I store my brow gel? 

A - Store in cool, dry temperatures. Seal the lid tightly after each use and wipe any excess gel from seal. If lid gets stuck, run under warm water until lid is released. 

Q - do you offer refunds or returns? 

A - For sanitary purposes we do not. However, if you are not satisfied with your product,  please email us at so we can help.